Eating tapas is one of the most famous tradition in Spanish culture. Tapas are not just food. They have a important role in our social culture, as they are enjoyed amongts friends and families when we get together and want to have something small to eat as we chat to each other.

Tapas are generally eaten as a snack before lunch or dinner, mostly on weekends. Some of the most common tapas, which you can find all over Spain, are ‘Patatas Bravas’, “Croquetas”, “Iberic platters” and “Tortilla de Patata”. The type of tapas can vary depending on the area of Spain you are in. If you find yourself on the Spanish coastline, it would be easier to find seafood tapas such as  “Gambas al Ajillo”. In the interior part of Spain instead, it would be more common to find meat tapas such as  “Meatballs” or “Chorizo in Cider Sauce”. Anoher special thing about tapas (mainly in the South of Spain) is that they are generally complementary when you order a drink at a bar.

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