Saffron Treads Saffroman 5g


Premium quality Saffron from Spanish company Antonio Sotos.



These premium quality Spanish saffron threads are from respected Spanish producer Antonio Sotos.

Saffron is the most valued of all spices, known as “The King of Spices” and “The red Gold”. It provides a distinctive taste, as well as a wonderful aroma and colour to any dish. Use it in savoury and sweet recipes alike. It complements an impressive range of ingredients, and even when it doesn’t dominate a dish, its flavour and distinct aroma elevate its surrounding flavors into something ethereal. You only need to use a small amount to impart that unique flavour and colour to your dishes.

Apart from its culinary value saffron has multiple uses worldwide from medicinal use (as a diuretic, astringent, stimulant, to cosmetic, dyes and is popular in many cultures as a gift for special occasions.