Historically, paella used to be cooked over wood fire, lit either in the open air or in the fireplace. The smoke, on the other hand, imparts a delicious aroma to the paella. The ability to control the degree of heat precisely when cooking over wood calls for great skill and forms part of the paellero’s inherited know-how. The Sunday cook is expected to concentrate fully on the paella and pay exceptional attention to detail.

Nowadays, Arte Paella’s outdoor paella cooking take place on a specially designed barbecue where the paella is cooked over a big paella gas burner. Our paella burners (also known as paelleros) are portables and come in a variety of sizes and they are equipped with a heat control system easy to adjust.

We are really passionate about what we do and not only teach how to make paella but also we sell all the paella equipment to cook your own paella outdoors which you can purchase on our shop online!