Would you like to make your own paella? You will certainly delight your guests with this delicious dish, however you will need to decide first which paella pan you should buy. Let us give you some advice and tips!

In Spain we have two different kind of paella pans, the carbon steel paella pan and the enamelled paella pan. Which paella pan shall you choose?

The Carbon steel Paella Pan or also called The Silver Paella Pan

This is the traditional Paella Pan from Valencia. Carbon steel conducts heat quickly and evenly. You can use it on the fire, grill or even in the oven.


For the traditionalists, the Carbon Steel Paella Pan brings a slight metallic taste to the socarrat (caramelized rice on the bottom of the pan). This is very pleasant to many people.

They are cheaper.


Being made of polished steel, it requires more careful maintenance. After cleaning it oxidises so you have to dry it very well and coat it with a little oil after each clean. If the pan rusts, rubbing steel wool will remove it. You may need to do this prior to each use.


The Enamelled Paella Pan or also called Black Paella Pan

This is the modern version of the Paella Pan. They’re coated with a black and white speckled enamel. Just like the Carbon Steel Paella Pan you can use the enamelled Paella Pans on the fire, grill or in the oven.



  • The biggest advantage is that it doesn’t get oxidated. Cleaning and maintenance becomes an easy task.
  • Because of the enamelled material, it is possible to put it in the dishwasher without concern.
  • If you have induction, there is a special enamelled Paella pan for use on induction stoves. The Induction Paella pan is specially designed to use on flat surfaces unlike traditional paellas which are slightly convex at the bottom, induction paella pans are perfectly flat to optimize the cooking surface area.


  • They are more expensive

We hope these tips have helped you to know which paella pan suits you better. Visit our online shop or contact us if you require any further information.